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National And International Commemorative Monuments

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These monuments were produced by Leake's Masonry, stone is a natural material, therefore monuments are all liable to vary in colour and veining, absolute resemblance cannot be guaranteed.

Pilgrim Fathers Monument Image Pilgrim Fathers Monument: The year is 1957 and the men shown are all tradesmen from Leake's Masonry, or as it was known then, P.R.Leake & Son. They were just completing erection of the Pilgrim Fathers monument on the north bank of The Haven at the site of the former Scotia Creek, Fishtoft, Boston, Lincolnshire, on the 350th anniversary of the event. The die was lettered in situ and the inscription reads as follows:-

Near this place in September 1607 those later known as the Pilgrim Fathers set sail on their first attempt to find religious freedom across the seas.

In 2009 the inscription was re-worded.

Near this place in September 1607 those later known as the Pilgrim Fathers were thwarted in their first attempt to sail to find religious freedom across the seas..

1950's Truck Image Look at that lorry! > : The die and column were transported by local Grimsby hauliers, McVeigh, later Humber McVeigh.

The vehicle in front is one of what were considered to be two "big" vans used by Leake's for their work in cemeteries and churchyards.

Pilgrim Fathers Monument Image Pilgrim Fathers Monument: The monument shortly after completion of the inscription. In total it took five days to complete the erection and lettering of the monument.

Obviously this is an original 1957 image however you can see one more up-to-date.

Its design is a tapering grey granite shaft rising from a matching grey granite base-block, intended to symbolise the urge which drove a small band of men and women to leave their country and kinsfolk for conscience's sake. The material used typifies by its strength the power and stability of their faith.

RAF Granite Monument Image RAF Monument to Squadron 101 : The monument shown here is, literally, one of dozens and dozens of a similar design that Leake's Masonry has supplied over the years in commemoration of the heroic pilots and crews of of World War II.

This one is at Ludford Magna, the inscription reads: To Serve Was Their Highest Aim

The monuments have not been restricted to solely to the RAF. In 1980, the the Royal Australian Air Force made Peter Leake an honorary member in recognition for the monument that the company had supplied to them at Binbrook during a visit by surviving members of crews and their families

Dambusters Monument Image Dambusters Monument: Here we see the fantastic Westmorland Green Slate and Yorkshire Sandstone monument tribute to Squadron 617, "Dambusters".

Needless to say that the green slate in the centre depicts the bursting dam. It was unveiled on 17th May 1987, exactly 44 years after the raid from which the Squadron got its name.

This was erected in the town centre of Woodhall Spa near to where the "Dambusters" used to frequent the local hostelries!

RAF Granite Monument Image RAF Monument to Squadron 101: This Blue Pearl monument erected at Skellingthorpe bears the words of R. W. Gilbert:

My brief sweet life is over
My eyes no longer see
No christmas trees
No summer walks
No pretty girls for me
I've got the chop I've had it
My nightly Ops are done
Yet in another hundred years
I'll still be twenty one

RAF Stone Monument Image East Kirkby Monument: From April 1999, this areodrome straddles the Greenwich Meridian - the inscription reads:

To all those
that crossed the Meridian
for our
freedom of body and spirit
May their effort
never be wasted

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