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Leake's Masonry Ltd : Company History : A Third Century of Memorialisation

Percy Robson Leake brought the business to Louth in 1920 - and it is still adjacent to the original James Street premises today. Current owner, Diane Christopher, is Percy's granddaughter who took over the business when her father, Peter Robson, died in 1991.

The business was repsonsible for the Pilgrim Fathers memorial in Boston (1957), the massive Dambusters monument in Woodhall Spa (1987), and the Korean War Memorial in Horncastle (1999).

In excess of 40 other war memorials have been supplied and erected some of which can be seen on our monuments pages. The business also recently renovated three war memorials in Tealby, Louth and Legbourne.

Diane believes that it was her great-great-grandfather who was the first Leake to set up as a stonemason, in Hull in the early 1800s.

Unfortunately not too much of the history is known about this since much of the information was destroyed during World War II, however a classical sales leaflet of George & Albert Leake, not George Henry, has been discovered and will shortly be available to view.

She says: "It is extremely unusual for a business to remain in one family this length of time. Most people are really surprised to find there is still a Leake involved but I find that it gives them confidence. People prefer to come to us because they know our long tradition."

And with her husband Ruscombe also involved in the business, it seems that Leake's Masonry will remain a family affair for the next 200 years.

Business Card Image The front of the business card of George Henry Leake from Hull.

Probably the mid to late 1800s.

Business Card Image The reverse of George's business card.

If you look closely you will see that it states - "No connection with any other firm of the same name".

Rumour has it there was a family feud! This, supposedly, led Percy Robson to leave Hull and set up business in Louth, however, as yet, we are not too sure of the accuracy of this story.

The inside of the card - traditional Victorian designs.
Business Card Image

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