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Care & Maintenance Of Your Granite Worktop

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General Information

Do note that granites vary in hardness and porosity.

Polished granite makes an almost perfect work surface for kitchens however it is important to note that granite will scratch and chip if mistreated. It is not impervious to abuse!
Keeping your work surface clean could not be easier. All that is usually required for the most stubborn encrustation is a little warm water and washing-up liquid.
Simply use a kitchen sponge, a little elbow grease and, hey presto, it's clean. All that is then needed is to wipe down with a dry paper kitchen towel.
We do not recommend using a honed (dull finish) granite for a work surface since, even when sealed, it may absorb liquid and can be very difficult to cleanse hygenically.
The process of polishing granite with abrasives and extreme heat, seals the surface of the granite giving it a "mirror-like" finish.
A granite work surface will give many years of satisfactory service, after all, it's been around for 4,000 million years! It is an igneous rock that has been formed by solidification of molten matter (magma).
The nature of an igneous rock depends upon the chemical composition of the original magma and upon the rate at which it cooled.

Maintenance Of Your Worktop

If you follow most of the following suggestions your granite worktop ought to give you years of relatively maintenance free service.

Avoid cutting directly on the worktop with ultra sharp knives
It is doubtful that your knife may damage the surface however it will most likely not do your knife any good.
Cutting close to a worktop edge could chip or damage the surface however...
It is possible to repair damaged or chipped edges.

Sealing Your Worktop

Some granites are definitely much more absorbent than others therefore if it requires sealing then this should preferably be completed at the fabrication shop before supply/fitting.
If the granite needs sealing then periodical maintenance should ensure few problems.

Do's & Don'ts With Your Granite Worktop

Clear up spillages immediately especially if:
Hot oil, in fact, any type of oil
An acidic liquid such as red wine or citrus fruit juice
Various vegetables & liquids such as beetroot or vinegar
Do not leave ripe fruit flesh like rapsberries, strawberries or lemons for more than a few seconds
Use mats or trivets under hot dishes and all cookware.
Do not use any abrasives or corrosive liquids for cleaning!

In Conclusion

If you have to wonder whether what you are doing is ok for your worktop - Don't do it until you have sought professional advice!

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