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Bianco Sardo Granite Image

Bianco Sardo Granite Description

This granite is eminently suitable for worktops and both interior and exterior applications taking a deep 90+% mirror polish. It is generally available in 2cm and 3cm slabs in various sizes, larger slab sizes are usually more expensive than smaller ones. Bianco Sardo granite is a coarse-grained, light grey granite of the Carboniferous/Devonian period, clear epoxy resin is used to fill natural micro pitting and fissures.

Products: Granite worktops, bars, bathroom vanity tops, fireplaces, tiles, paving, stairs, exterior and interior cladding, architectural features, it is also popular for memorials.

Surface Finish: Bianco Sardo granite is usually supplied with a gloss polished surface however it is also available with alternative surface finishes such as honed or leather finish for granite worktops and for project work also brushed, sandblasted, antiqued and flamed finish.

Advantages: Bianco Sardo granite looks stylish and elegant being very easy to clean, it is very strong and hard wearing with a very low liquid absorption (it is unlikely that a granite sealer can be used, only testing with a small sample will confirm this), and probably its biggest advantage is that it will match almost any colour scheme and units furthermore it is ideal for a contemporary design.

Care & Maintenance: We have a dedicated page here

Country of Origin: Sardinia, Italy

Type of Rock: Granite

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